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About us

– Full service production house based in Bucharest, Romania.
– Founded in 2005. One of the frontrunners of the Romanian advertising market.
– Wide and well established network of Directors.
– Production management core: 4 seasoned producers, with decades of advertising and film
– Internationally experienced crews, from art direction and styling to technical and logistics.
– Flexible, highly adaptable and in line with the everchanging advertising environment.
Experienced with any creative media, Photo, Social media, Corporate, Activations and Events.
– Focused on production management, creative solutions and offering what we call
Production house reel: https://reloadfilm.ro/reel-and-stuff

Facts and figures

– Average commercials produced per year : 25-30
– International productions out of total: 20-30%
Some examples:
– Palmolive (International campaign for Europe, Middle East and Asia)
– Zovirax (International campaign for Europe, Americas, Middle East and Asia)
– Sensodyne (International campaign for Europe, Asia)
– Fenistil (International campaign for Europe)
– Coldrex (International campaign for Europe & Asia)
– Betano (International campaign for Europe )
– Nivea (Worldwide campaign, skincare)
– Some of the clients we work with: GSK, Palmolive, Henkel, Mondelez, Philips, Nivea, Dr. Oetker, Heineken, Molson
Coors, Betano, Mundi Pharma
– And some of the Creative Agencies: Hogarth Worldwide, Saatchi London, Saatchi Poland, TBWA Dusseldorf,
Publicis, McCann, Mullen Lowe, Ogilvy


Our work is always driven by a few core values:
– Respect for the filmmaking craft
– Attention to detail
– Adaptability and perseverance
– Support for the creative
– Care for the crew
– Focus on production value
– Transparency and flexibility
Our main points of focus on any production:
– Insure a clear communication and understanding of the project needs and expectations
– Be flexible, ready to adapt and tailor the best production solution
– Offer relevant and strong Directors options
– Be transparent, fair and supportive in all pitching details
– Focus on the deadlines and meet any challenges
– Offer the right choices for the talent & crew
We believe every good film is crafted in the details. That it is all about that one extra step, further thought, fresh idea or
creative solution that makes the difference between a good film and a great one. We believe any film deserves the care and
involvement to reach the latter.

Cost efficiency

A few facts about achieving “Affordable Excellence”
No hidden costs – allowed by a few strategies:
– Avoid having the high maintenance costs associated with owning: equipment, studios, constructions
– Focus on solid partnership with the best suppliers on the film market
– Volume negotiations and yearly revenue goals with each supplier, rather than project based negotiations.
Focus on what’s important
– Always put the money where they matter most: in front of the camera, maximizing the real assets of each script.
– Flexibility with our core production team, possibility to negotiate production rates rather than compromising the creative
Employing the best even under the most restrictive budgets
– Yearly negotiations with suppliers allow us to use top grade equipment, people and services even for the low cost
– Using top quality in every stage of the execution saves time, postproduction work, and makes up for a far more effective
Negotiating flat budgets for key personnel as opposed to daily fees
– Our flat negotiations with key personnel allows for a highly optimized crew cost.
– Last but not least, one thing that completes our own efforts is Romania’s overall cost effective environment that allows
for high end productions to be executed at very competitive rates, compared with other production hubs in Europe or


– We have a very well established network of Directors, Romanian or Foreign.
– We start every pitch with one goal: offering the right creative choices. That is why our Directors research
department is constantly updating our network with fresh new talents.
– Because of our long international experience and high-end local productions, we were able to form strong
partnerships with Directors, Agencies and Agents around the world and access internationally renowned talents
without having to pay loan outs.
– There are also choices of Romanian Directors, who are showing an increased interest from the international
– We are constantly trying to support young and established talents alike, by involving ourselves in their personal
projects or expend their networking options, as members of the CFP-E.

Crew & Talent

– While constantly working with celebrated, well established artists, our ongoing goal is
finding, nurturing and supporting fresh, new talents. Their young and open minded
approach has always brought evolution in our craft.
– We believe every brief calls for it’s right team, and that our job is to craft the perfect
balance between expertise, creativity and talent, to complement the script’s creativity
by the strength of our execution.
– But, is just employing the right talent enough to achieve a perfect execution? We
believe not. Without a strong support from the production, sound solutions and careful
planning, all the talent in the world will not get you the right results. This is why we
focus on not only getting the right people, but also allow them to perform and bring
their full talent to the table, even if that calls for much more involvement and support
from the production management team.


– We select our casting partners on very strict criteria that mirror our approach:
– Experience and know how
– Adaptability, capacity to offer creative solutions
– Ongoing evolution and research
– Ability to offer ethnic diversity
– Our local partners are able to cater almost any brief demands, with creative expertise.
– Completing the ever growing local pool talent, we have also set up partnerships with
established foreign casting agencies, to insure we will be able to briefly tackle any special


– Romania has an incredible variety of landscapes: seaside, mountains, planes, hills, rivers, lakes and many
– With a long and sometimes tumultuous history, we have quite a big share of castles, palaces and lovely old
cities that are still lived and alive.
`- The cities are a blend of modern and traditional and have various architectural influences.
If Bucharest was named Little Paris, cities like Brasov and Sibiu have a very strong German influence that can
be seen in their architecture.
– Just because of the variety in landscapes and the very international look of our cities, Romania has dubbed
for quite a few territories both in films and advertising.

Social media & Photo

– We believe the fast evolving social media environment as a great new tool of expression and communication offering
countless new ways to create great work.
– We have created a special workflow and approach to serve these fast moving, highly optimized and effective creations no
matter if they’re attached to any main ATL campaign or just stand alone.
– While employing a specific pool of talents for their execution, to insure a fast, accurate and low cost implementation of the
brief, the production managements is on the same level as any international production, thus offering the same care and
– Working with young Directors and DoPs, allows us to offer fresh approaches and highly affordable rates for smaller, social
media oriented executions.
– Our expertise in working with VIPs, Influencers and Opinion Leaders, allows as to manage any type of content, from
testimonials to product launches, from activations to real life events.
– Photo services are also a growing part of our day to day business, as most of the campaigns nowadays feature both social
media and photo executions.
– Combining the local highly experienced photographers with our production management skills, allows us to offer effective
solutions for any photo brief, no matter if related to one of our main shoots or completely separate.

You and Us

We always believed that a really successful production also means having fun making it.
That is why we spare no efforts in assuring a smooth and effective process that will give you
peace of mind and the chance to enjoy the journey.
In the end, we are all people who love making films. What better way to celebrate our passion
than to make beautiful things happen.
We would welcome the chance to start a wonderful friendship and create great films together.
Our best wishes!

"An Intense Experience"

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Robert Shuman
The Guardian

"Visualy Over-powering

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Amanda Gilles
Times Magazine

"Amazing Soundtrack"

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Donna Louis

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